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How is the COVID-19 affecting the logistic sector?

Written by Eduardo Haros | CEO Racing Cargo , 10 of May of 2020. Saved in Blog

Eduardo Haros CEO | Racing Cargo

We have to admit that we were not prepared for this pandemic, not even companies or the industry itself. This is something unprecedented that will be remembered forever.

As part of the logistics ecosystem and being responsible for continuing to move supply chains around the world, today we are affected by COVID-19. It can be thought that it will not be a reason for this sector to be affected since consumers continue to demand food, medicine and even toys but things are starting to change now.

The effect that COVID-19 has had on the operation of the logistics begins with the closure of production lines in different categories, including one of the most profitable: the automotive sector. This sector that day by day gives operation to the logistics with its export and import between Mexico, Canada and North America, today has stopped. This has affected the logistics companies due to the null operation of these companies, especially in the transportation by land since at the moment none of these are assembling, producing or transporting finished vehicles.

The sea and air transportation have kept their operations stable, taking advantage of the continuous flow that Asia has had in recent months, moving medical supplies such as medicine, face masks, among other things.

In these times not everything is negative, due to this contingency the logistics, customs and port companies have been able to verify that an automation in processes using technological tools could bring significant changes to the sector. These changes could include the exchange of digital documentation processing, electronic tax recovery, etc.

It is important to highlight that from difficult times we can all learn so today it can be said that one of the great learnings of this contingency is knowing how to adapt to change in order to survive and guide companies on a successful path.

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