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GKF offers multiple programs and benefits so that you, as a freight forwarder, can work safely in a risky and globally competitive market. Please see a list of our benefits below:

Financial security

By being part of the GKF family, you can have financial protection for up to 10k a year, after the first 6 months of membership. GKF protects you when you make transactions with other members of the network. Our interest is to make everything for you easier and save future headaches.

Worlwide coverage

GKF offers the ease of transactions with network members globally. Each GKF member profile has gone through a study, ensuring a negotiation with serious and knowledgeable companies in the logistics business.

Anual Conference

Our annual meetings have the highest level of professionalism where members can generate meetings with other large companies and have opportunity for business. In the midst of a social environment full of activities, you can schedule meetings 1 on 1 with assisting agents from all over the world. This is a great opportunity for every member.

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services

FDRS is one of our affiliates, is an independent company dedicated to assisting all in the forwarder / freight community in collecting their just dues.

Customer Service

We have specialized staff in each department. We cover all geographical areas worldwide providing a faster and more accurate service for our members.

Novum Membership Program

We know that many of the companies are created by agents with a long history in the field. It is for this reason that GKF has developed a program that allows businesses not to be excluded from our network, instead, it offers the necessary tools to help companies in the market to develop their potential and business, obviously these companies must undergo a selection process. 

Founding member program stamp

This program is aimed at those founding members, who from the beginning have been with us and who share the same vision as GKF, creating a family in the logistics world.

Marketing and adversiting programas

We have a team specialized in marketing focused on logistics to project your business and give you the exposure you need. Development of web platform, e-commerce-mobile applications: If your website needs to be re-designed, we provide this tool with our affiliate Platcom, leader in web design in America. This benefit, has special costs as a member of GKF.

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