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We are a global network of freight forwarders that focus on providing the means for our affiliates to have reliable agents to do business worldwide, offering multiple benefits and global representations.

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Filippo Bortignon

In the last years we have been part of various network and honestly talking we can say that's GKF is the best one. We love being part of GKF because it offers a wide range of worldwide agents, but what we really appreciated it's we found always very professional people and a very high ratio of new

Nasir Mahmud

Just back from GKF conference 2018. Behind the persons working on this network are professional, and experience on freight forwarding network. In my views it will be one of the best worldwide freight forwarders network in coming years. My best wishes to GKF network and its members.

Founder Badge

Absolutely the best convention I ever attended. The immediate bonding with so many wonderful agents was only one of so many highlights. Grateful to have had this opportunity

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