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Written by Gustavo Belgrano CEO GKF Network , 17 of April of 2020. Saved in Blog

The coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy that affects more than a million people as it continues to spread to all corners of the world. The situation is affecting small businesses in several ways.  


From business loss to remote work, things are changing rapidly during the COVID-19 outbreak, and companies are forced to adapt. Global Key Family Network is working to help you navigate safely in these times of crisis and help you strive to maintain business and livelihoods.  

Businesses must address the current challenges that the workforce, customers, and partners also face. 

Short-term cash management to keep the business running during the economic crisis, and a well-organized plan on how to do business as the situation continues.  Reinvent the business model on what will be next, what will not be effective and what are and will be the new opportunities

We are here, working for you.

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